Add rows to Power BI dataset from the date range

Hello, in this blog we will see how we can add rows to the power bi dataset for a given date range.

For example, if you have a dataset that has start and end dates and you want rows for each date between this range then this blog will help you.

Step 1:

Open Power BI load your dataset and go to transform data. Right-click on your from date column and change its type to date.

Step 2:

From add columns click on the custom column.

Step 3:

In custom column formula add following code:

{ Number.From([From])..Number.From([To]) }

Step 4:

Expand this column to new rows to get your result.

Step 5:

Change the datatype of this column to date.

In this way you can prepare your dataset for all the dates present in your “From” and “To” column.

Hope this helps.



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